Sybase IQ offers significant performance and total cost advantages over other products for query-intensive computing needs.

Sybase IQ is a column-based relational database that has been designed specifically for analytics and business intelligence applications. It can offer a number of very significant advantages within a data warehousing environment, including performance, scalability and cost of ownership benefits when compared to conventional approaches.

Sybase IQ primary market focus includes:
  • Data warehouses for aggregators of data, typically those who offer multi-client data and analytics services.
  • Advanced analytics, where there is a significant requirement to support complex and unpredictable queries, either as an EDW in its own right or as an analytics accelerator, where Sybase IQ is complementary to an existing EDW.
  • As a report accelerator, offloading high performance reports from operational databases or centralized data warehouses that perform too slowly to meet business needs.

The benefits associated with Sybase IQ are predicated upon its column-based approach, which differs significantly from the row-based approach that is traditional for relational databases such as Sybase ASE, Oracle, IBM DB2 or Microsoft SQL Server.

Other features, such as Sybase IQ’s multiplexed grid architecture, Sybase IQ installations will normally improve query performance by orders of magnitude when compared to row-based database solutions, while requiring fewer hardware resources. The reduced size of Sybase IQ data warehouses (along with other features of the product) also means that Sybase IQ has the potential to offer significant performance advantages when scaling for large numbers of users.

Key Facts of Sybase IQ:
  • In addition to its column-based storage Sybase IQ delivers a number of specialized indexes in order to further accelerate ad hoc query performance.
  • Both multithreading and 24/7 high availability features (including partnerships with relevant storage vendors for high availability and disaster recovery) are available with Sybase IQ.
  • Sybase IQ offers significant performance advantages when compared to conventional approaches. It also supports Rcube flat schemas that can provide major benefits when compared to conventional star schemas.
  • Sybase has designed Sybase IQ to support as many queries as possible running in parallel, rather than optimize the performance of any particular query.
  • Sybase provides column-based encryption capabilities as well as database-level encryption. This is important for data aggregators with multi-client services where you want to be able to encrypt different customer’s data using different algorithms.

Our Services:
  • Sybase IQ, Sybase ASE, SAP and Open Switch / Rep Server Database Installation and Configuration, Migrations and Updates
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  • Apply database patches
  • Capacity management
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  • High availability solutions and recommendations
  • Installing Sybase IQ as a Service
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