Application Maintenance

As the number of applications in organizations grows, along with their complexity, so does the proportion of organizations’ IT budget, and human resources that have to be engaged towards application maintenance. The problem is compounded when there is a shift from legacy platforms to client-server and web-enabled systems.

At RPL, we aim to relieve the already strained IT department by providing application support and maintenance through dedicated teams of IT professionals who provide end-to-end maintenance services, overseeing every day activities and optimizing application performance.

Our approach to application maintenance is proactive, resulting in rapid problem identification and corresponding solutions. This helps in preventing further problems, improving functionality and also assists in application development. Leaving all your worries, related to maintenance of your IT assets, to us, you can freely concentrate on your core competencies and strategic businesses. As we take care of your application maintenance, your existing staff can be redeployed to mission critical projects, while you get guaranteed service levels, lower maintenance costs, and improved trouble shooting and response time from us.

We take a staged and multi-level approach to application management and maintenance. The first stage involves taking over complete responsibility of your systems with minimal disruption to your ongoing business. In the second stage, our proactive approach takes over at various levels.

At the corrective maintenance level, we analyze reported errors and make the necessary modifications. We use our own exclusive tools and methodologies to resolve problems quickly.

With the ongoing preventative maintenance, RPL helps its clients to minimize the need for corrective maintenance. By finding the root cause of recurring problems and resolving the issues, maintenance costs can be reduced, performance improved and end user experience enhanced.

At the perfective maintenance level, we focus on design enhancements that improve the overall quality of your application. Once our experts have executed corrective and preventative maintenance, they gain in-depth knowledge of your application. Thereafter, they can carry out a thorough study with the aim of recommending and implementing modifications that improve functionality of the application.

As the global business environment is changing rapidly, business strategies also need to change accordingly. And, with the changing business strategies, software applications also need to adapt and evolve. With RPL by your side, your software applications can adapt according to the market-driven technological change. We have a team of highly skilled custom application developers at hand, to initiate and integrate any software development requirements that may be necessary.