Micro strategy

1. Introduction
The revolution in mobile smart devices as well as data analytics, visualization, and reporting presents great opportunities and tough challenges. Users are constantly in search of applications and frameworks that will give instant access to information anytime and anywhere, speed up strategic decision-making, enhance customer service and significantly increase operational efficiency. MicroStrategy is the new wave in BI and extends the traditional boundaries of performance, scalability, reliability, and maintainability of enterprise BI.

MicroStrategy brings in quick-to-deploy BI technology that allows applications to function on a much larger set of Android devices and have a much larger addressable market. By giving everyone visibility into business data and answers to critical questions almost instantly, MicroStrategy will significantly impact enterprise performance. Some important features of MicroStrategy are:

  • Multisource data access
  • In-memory ROLAP
  • Data Import
  • Visual Insight

By giving everyone visibility into business data and answers to critical questions almost instantly, mobile BI will significantly impact enterprise performance.

Unlike less capable systems that rely on pre-existing tools that have simply been bolted on, RPL creates custom architectures that help its customers achieve breakthrough growth throughout the rapidly changing mobile ecosystem. RPL's MicroStrategy services deliver the solutions that prepare our clients and their customers to meet the demands and seize the opportunities that mobility presents.

RPL provides services and support for designing, building and benefiting from mobility—starting with the right foundation and backed by a holistic, shared strategy and the best supporting technologies. Some highlights of RPL's MicroStrategy solutions are:

  • More BI with Less IT Effort – Delivering the lowest TCO.
  • Single-window access for users of all levels
  • Self-Service through a fast and intuitive web interface
  • High performance at any scale
  • Quick to implement and deploy, easy to maintain and administer
  • Highly intuitive and flexible mobile intelligence applications
  • Deeper insights and better answers through superior analytics
  • Flexible technology for departmental to enterprise BI
  • Incorporate business information from a variety of enterprise data sources

Our Solution
RPL can design, build, test and implement the right solution for your company and support that solution. Our solutions productize data to drive meaningful insights and innovation that bring forth previously missed opportunities in areas previous overlooked.

Mobile devices enable the actual potential of business intelligence with their unique strengths. Following some highlights of out MicroStrategy solution:

  • Plat Form Wise Purchase Report: The report shows purchase numbers across various platforms such as Android, Iphone, and windows. You can drill-down further to the amount and users count.

  • Country Wise Sales across Platforms: The report shows count- wise sales numbers across platforms. You can switch from country to platform, as well as drill down to specific numbers.

  • Daily Metrics: The daily metrics report gives enhanced visualization capabilities on an iPhone or iPad through a freely downloadable application.

  • Claims Representative Sales: This report presents the data for a claims represented across various vertical areas.