Business Intelligence tools are used by the majority of Retailers to collect Data, store the Data in a Warehouse or Mart, analyze the Data and build reports from the Data to allow the company Managers to analyze the Data and make important decisions based on the information.Uses for the Data Reports could be for Inventories, Sales, Returns, Layaways, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Schedules, Overtime, Availability, and PTO’s…etc.

As an example:

Using a BI tool like Tableau, Clients can tie into their database to view current events in a real time view. If an event is happening, the client can see how many people were expected at the event, how many are at the event and how many more are anticipated to be at the event.


The main focus is to increase sales, retain your customer base and still continue to be profitable.

By using a BI Tool and accessing the Clients Database thru customized dashboards that automatically refresh and report data in a real time view, Businesses can adjust marketing strategies and offers to move product, maintain profitability and continue to retain their customers.

RPL can help by customizing dashboards that will produce positive results in a real time view.