In today's world, where with every passing day the need for energy is increasing exponentially. The Oil, Gas and Energy industries must focus on the demand-to-production ratio. Production involves analysis of a burdensome and overwhelming volume of data from numerous data sources and systems all phases of production. Safety issues require constant monitoring to optimize and ensure critical operation parameters. The key to dependable, secured operations is a system that is scalable enough to be responsive to its customers, employees and suppliers with the capacity to easily monitor results and predict trends and take corrective action quickly and with confidence.

Current Industry Challenges

  • Balancing security of supply and rising costs, while mitigating environmental impact
  • Operational optimization
  • Improving production
  • Handling the growing diversity, complexity and magnitude of data
  • Recruiting and retaining a qualified workforce
  • Understanding consumer consumption
  • Increase profitability
  • Unknown resource usages and improper resource management


No matter where you sit in the value chain, the message is clear. Surviving and thriving in a rapidly changing power and utilities sector isn't simply about the importance of demand and new energy sources, or about regulatory or societal pressures. It’s about envisioning different futures, understanding trends and uncertainties, developing monitoring capabilities, and then responding accordingly when disruptions have the potential to upend core beliefs.

  • Ability to measure and analyze data about distribution and consumption in near-real time
  • Information on customers' consumption patterns, preferences, and decisions
  • Segment customers on the basis of their decisions to conserve or consume electricity
  • Complete production dashboard
  • Customer revenue analysis
  • Cost and sales consolidation
  • Labor cost analysis
  • Budget forecasting
  • Track projects and monitor collaboration between departments
  • Monitor equipment usage and wear & tear


  • Opportunity to uncover new customer usage patterns
  • Ability to Forecast demand better
  • Manage energy constraints more effectively
  • Improve compliance with regulatory requests
  • Prevent fraud and reduce loss
  • Enhance customer service
  • Gain employee trust and satisfaction
  • Improve profitability
  • Predict equipment breakdowns
  • Near real-time analysis of price volatility and currency fluctuations