Data Management System

Resource Point, LLC (RPL) help organizations to collect, integrate, clean and store data for data analysis and mining work.The success of a data analysis project depends largely on the accuracy, cleanliness and completeness of the underlying data.

This is further compounded by teams who choose to create their own private systems to manage their critical day-to-day data, instead of capturing it into organization’s main systems. This results in disjointed, duplicated and incomplete data sets that severely limit your ability to extract value-adding insights from your data.

Cost Effective Data Management Services
Our data management services include the following:

Collect Data
Collect relevant data from different and spread sources within the organization that includes both structured and unstructured data where required.

Integrate Data
Integrate data from various sources into a database (or file) with a common format, structure and schema and this becomes the ‘single source of data’ for the future use.

Clean Data
Our services include rebuilding, de-duplicating, merging, standardizing, normalizing and verifying data. This process ensures uniformity across the all merged data sets.

Adding & Appending Data
Adding data is appended to enable a richer analysis. External data can be sourced from different sources or extracted from the web. The data is added from a file or from a data source.

Store Data
Data stored in a clean and structured database or data warehouse. Alternatively, the data can be exported to an Excel or CSV file as required.

Why use our Data Management Services
The benefits of using RPL for your next data management needs include:
  • Cost effective access to high-level data management experts without the overhead expenses associated in building and maintaining your own internal infrastructure and team.
  • Expertise and experience. We have done this many times before and understand the importance of collecting, integrating and cleaning the data for your analysis project. Collecting too much irrelevant data is costly, where collecting insufficient data leads to inadequate analysis.
  • Data analysis experts who understand business. The purpose of data analysis is to identify opportunities and improve your strategic decision making. We are there to support you throughout this process, in whichever way we can.
  • Highly confidential, with a core focus on data security.