sDolphin, an automated e-mail response system, is a unique product that is suitable for various purposes, ranging from gathering information in a research department to helping a candidate get the right job. Traditional software development is based on specific 'built-in logic' with limited logical capabilities. sDolphin removes these limitations with an intelligent automation system called NLP (Natural Language Processing) which adds intelligence to your software. sDolphin is effective in all medium to large scale applications, adding the world's most intelligent and efficient software to your existing software solution.

TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM: ASP .Net with C#, MS SQL Server 2000, T-Chart control.

IREPLY: Our iReply is a world class solution for customer support systems based on Natural Language Processing (NLP). You can categorize e-mails based on your business rules and feed the required intelligence into the system. Once the system has been configured, iReply starts analyzing each mail on the basis of defined categories. If the system finds a suitable category, it automatically extracts the required information from your existing software solution. Then, it composes the reply based on predefined templates for each business rule. Finally, the reply mail is sent to the right person after verifying his registered mail ID with your company.

EXTRACT: The Intelligent Information Extract engine works on the principle of crawling. Depending on the nature of requirement, the engine crawls to the configured websites (Main URL, Sub URLs etc.) and extracts raw information from them. Information is extracted on the basis of the requirement that had been configured before the crawl was set up. The raw information gathered by the crawler is categorised into different business elements like Account Number, Sort code etc. and is then analysed. After the analysis, the NLP engine runs through different business rules using the identified elements and checks if any of the analyzed data matches with predefined categories or sub-categories. (In this case category can be an industry and sub-category can be a company).

I-CHAT: It is an interactive engine, built to e-interact with the user. The system handles interactive sessions, uniquely, for more than 1000 concurrent users, making the interaction as much LIVE as it can get.