In the last 10 years, there has been increasing momentum towards better analytics, which has been reflected by the number of reports being developed. Over the course of time, companies acquired multiple tools, various technologies and different hosting platforms to address the business needs. Still many corporates are far from reaping benefits from their BI implementation. Report consolidation, Administration, and new report development in these environments became the biggest nightmare. Also, user adaptability remains one of the biggest challenge.

Although corporates overcome this challenge differently, it is often the effort to create such environment requires significate amount of time and resources thus deviating them from their core objective.

Industry challenges

  • Minimal or no report consolidation
  • Admin heavy to support multiple environments
  • Too much effort in user adoption
  • No standardization in report developments and user experience
  • Chaos in managing user security
  • No built-in mechanism to manage reports
  • Time consuming in locating and navigating to required reports and dashboards
  • Manual efforts to watch out for changes in business trends
  • No or minimal automation in reporting

RPL's solution - Hybrid BI Framework

A single Enterprise BI Portal

  • For all its BI users
  • To access BI reports published using multiple BI Reporting Tools, such as SAP Business Objects, Microsoft SSRS, Tableau etc
  • In most efficient and cost effective manner

RPL Hybrid BI Framework – Salient Features

  • Reusable framework has highly customizable Executive Dashboard
  • Allows Enterprise BI users to access corporate BI reports published using Tableau, SSRS, SAP Business or other BI tools at single place
  • Built in User Management and Authentication using Enterprise Active Directory/LDAP
    • No need to create/authorize in users in various BI tools
    • Single sign-on. No need to remember multiple passwords
  • Chart/Reports access controlled by Business Roles & Function
    • Add/Update or Delete user groups
    • Add/Edit and Delete Key Performance Indicators
    • Restrict access to various Key Performance Indicators for any user or user groups
    • Ability to assign a single user to multiple groups
  • One centralized system which connects to all reporting systems
  • Measure success of BI implementation by inbuilt usage dashboards
  • Blogging system on reports for internal communication
  • Prioritise Top 10 Key Performance Indicators / Graphs
  • Benchmark and Alert notification system in Key performance Indicators
  • Email subscriptions for reports based on time


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