Cloud BI Solutions

Cloud computing has enabled organizations to improve flexibility and reduce costs, it is also the creation of a truly data-centric entity built on insight.

The cloud BI approach can also dramatically accelerate start up and time-to-value, since - in most cases - all components are already installed at the hosting service provider's location. Increased agility is another benefit of cloud BI. Organizations can add new users and new capabilities more rapidly than they could if the business intelligence application was deployed and administered on-site. The environment can be immediately expanded as needed, at any time, without the need to add more IT staff for support

Clients have their own choice to pick and choose platform of choice for their BI (ETL, Database, Reporting Tool) or RPL can evaluate and recommend the appropriate platforms based on the needs and a long term vision of the DW without compromising the quality or performance of the solution

  • Affordable and flexible BI without the hassle of maintaining on-premises hardware
  • Services are easy to get running and option to have 24x7 uptime in the Cloud
  • Gives you the best talent without the recruitment and retention effort
  • Streamlined ETL Process to load the data from multiple places on a daily basis
  • Reporting Solution that will easily collaborate and share real-time reports
  • Drill into data and identify actionable trends with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Slice and dice data and perform trending reports and what-if analysis
  • Data Integration: You can use BI Cloud Service to report on premise data as data can be loaded into the BI Cloud Service from a diverse range of sources (on premise solutions, other cloud or third party applications)
  • No technical/programming knowledge required: Any user will be able to load and prep data, choose visuals, create reports
  • Secure Collaboration: The ease of sharing results within BICS enhances collaboration across the workforce
  • Available on-the-go: BI Cloud Services analytics are available on iOS and Android mobile devices with no additional programming or configuration required

RPL has implemented Cloud BI Solutions to several Clients to unlock the power of BI and has designed End-to-End BI solutions in the cloud as listed below.

  • Designing data models that are tailored to the business needs
  • Migrating data from multiple data sources
  • Building custom reports and dashboards
  • BI infrastructure maintenance and support